Custom Website Design Services

A user friendly Website is one that is written and designed for the end user, it meets their expectations and answers their questions.

If the user can easily accomplish their goals, your goals for your Website will more likely be met.

Websites are complex and the best designers aren't necessarily those who are the best graphic artists or the best programmers.

Good website design requires those skills plus the ability to understand how a visitor acts once they are on your site.

The best designers put all the pieces together to create a design that is appealing and easy to use.

The best Websites have:

  • good content
  • download quickly
  • clean graphics
  • intuitive site navigation

As your designer, I'll get to know you and your specific needs and goals then help you create an online presence to meet them. If there is a specific Website that you particularly like the style/design of, I can create a custom design based on that Website, in the colors you select.

I encourage clients to be as involved in the process as they want to be, and provide online access to view the progress and offer feedback as we go along.

Ultimately, my ability to communicate the technical aspects of the site development to you in plain English will be a very important part of our working relationship.

Website Hosting Services
I have found that many of my clients prefer to let me manage all the technical aspects of having a Website, including their hosting services. To make it more convenient for those clients, I am a reseller for 2 hosting services. I can work with a hosting service you set up, or can set you up on one of my hosting services.

The fees for hosting services range from $15- $50 per month, depending on how complex your site is and the amount of interactivity required. You can have your own domain name, MySQL databases, PHP custom applications, secure areas requiring login, accept online payments, SSL installation, custom registration forms, custom surveys, steam videos, slideshows, unlimited email accounts, discussion lists, and Webmail access- all depending on your specific needs.

My services are customized to meet your specific goals and fit your budget.